We are Coyle and Cassidy High School – a diocesan Catholic secondary school with a rich heritage. We are dedicated to the search for truth, the pursuit of academic excellence and the fostering of social justice as embodied in the teachings of Christ and His Church. We seek to provide an educational atmosphere that nurtures intellectual, emotion and spiritual growth.

Our academic program is challenging. It develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills while it encourages intellectual curiosity leading to lifelong learning. We believe that in this twenty-first century our young people must go beyond just being technology trained and computer literate. They must understand the fundamental need that persists to care for and to be cared for by others. The human touch must be maintained and cherished in our highly technological world. We believe that the students of today are challenged to recognize the potential in technological advances for the betterment of mankind and to do all in their power to work toward this goal.
The climate of our school is welcoming, supportive and safe. It fosters friendships and service. Students learn to recognize their individual talents, their giftedness and their leadership qualities through a variety of learning experiences in community service, peer ministry, the arts and sciences, and athletics. We seek to provide the students with opportunities that are growth producing, ones that allow the student to accept responsibility and to be accountable for the consequences that flow from the exercise of that responsibility. We believe it is important for each student to develop a positive self-image. One who has respect for his own person in turn will respect others. This, we believe, is part of the character formation which is both our goal and responsibility as a school.
Recognizing that we are created in Christ’s image, we underlie all of our teaching with an emphasis on spiritual growth, sound values, and high moral character. This foundation gives the student the understanding necessary to develop a social conscience and to make decisions that are both responsible and ethical as a contributing member of the community.

As a Catholic school, we – Coyle and Cassidy High School – value personal integrity, academic achievement, emotional development and spiritual fulfillment. Truth, trust, respect and commitment govern our pursuit of excellence. Daily the challenged is offered: