Goals for Contact
Middle School:
Students meet and interact with their counselor in a classroom setting as well as by individual appointment. Parents, teachers and students are welcome to reach out should they have questions. Topics such as orientation, placement and social, emotional and academic issues are discussed.

Freshman year:
Students meet with guidance in small group settings in order to build student/counselor rapport. Topics such as course placement, adjustment issues, specific concerns, and sophomore course selection are all discussed. An introduction to NAVIANCE will also begin! Students are encouraged to visit their counselor as needed as individual appointments are always encouraged. The PSAT test will be administered in October, for three consecutive years, beginning freshman year.

Sophomore year:
The emphasis in tenth grade is on Career Exploration! Students are taught to use the Interest Inventory on NAVIANCE. Small group meetings are scheduled to review junior course selection and discuss NAVIANCE outcomes. As in all grades, individual appointments are encouraged at any time.

Junior year:
College exploration begins! Students begin to use additional tools available to them on NAVIANCE. They attend mini fairs, college planning assemblies and a spring college fair. Parents are invited to an evening designed especially for them. Senior course selection, and the impression those courses will make to a potential admissions committee, are explored. Discussions surrounding the development of a college list, teacher recommenders as well as potential majors are all discussed in individual appointments. A Brag Sheet is completed by each student in preparation for asking for a recommendation. SAT and ACT testing takes place.

Senior year:
Student and counselor work closely, using NAVIANCE, to finalize an appropriate college list that includes at least one reach, one safety and a handful of match schools. This list is based on an individual student's profile and interests. Applications and transcripts are most likely submitted using NAVIANCE. A Financial Aid Planning Night takes place for parents in December.