Campus Ministry
Recognizing that we are created in Christ’s image, we—Coyle and Cassidy High School—underlie all of our teaching with an emphasis on spiritual growth, sound values, and high moral character. This foundation gives our students the understanding necessary to develop a social conscience and to make decisions that are both responsible and ethical as a contributing member of the community.
As a Catholic school, we value personal integrity, academic achievement, emotional development and spiritual fulfillment. Truth, trust, respect and commitment govern our pursuit of excellence. Daily the challenged is offered: ENTER TO LEARN—LEAVE TO SERVE.
To help support these cherished values, Campus Ministry provides a wide variety of activities for students, faculty and parents. Our mission is to:
  • Serve the spiritual needs of each student, faculty and staff member
  • Organize opportunities for prayer and worship
  • Plan and organize faith-based events and programs
  • Provide spiritual support and educational resources to our community
Faith-Based Events & Programs

Freshman Retreats
Optional Retreats
Days of Awakening (mini-retreats)
Peer Ministry Team

Campus Ministry seeks to foster the Gospel values of love, faith, hope, truth, joy, respect, integrity, prayer, mission, justice, peace, mercy/compassion and community in every member of the Coyle & Cassidy family. Our ultimate goal for all is salvation in Jesus Christ.