Information Online for Parents!

(link is to the right for Level 3 MUST be 18 yrs. old or older to access the list!  You may input any community)

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Description: provides helpful tips and tools to help parents and caregivers talk to kids about the health risks of drugs and alcohol. Join the talk for free monthly newsletters and access to tools such as, “Tips for Getting the Conversation Started,” “How to Help Your Kid Turn Down Drugs” and “Answering the Question: Did You Do Drugs?
(helps with identifying drugs)


Helpful Links to point students to a variety of sites that are out there to organize their work and research material:

Access: The following Facts on File databases and Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center may be accessed on Moodle through Library Resources for Students and Teachers.

Or use the Facts On File onlinedatabase portal page URL

Access: The following ABC-CLIO databases may be accessed on Moodle through Library Resources for Students and Teachers.

(great for helping with vocabulary)

Online textbook (Realidades) Need student username and password.
Online resources and practice for Realidades: Click "Curriculum" and select correct textbook.



Please remember to visit the entire Guidance site for much more information.  The following are in a  quick link format:
Making It Count: Great site for students and parents.  We use a number of their programs during the school year!
Petersons: More than just a good search engine for colleges!
College Board (SAT) Site for College Searches:  Super site for a search or information on (CollegeNet)
USNews & World Report on Colleges: Great report on colleges and financial aid! Offers college admissions tips and insider secrets about planning for college, applying for college, financial aid, admissions essays, college interviews, and much more.


This site contains grammatical terms, exercises, tips and rules.
This site consists of grammatical
terms and interactive exercises on
parts of speech, parts of a sentence, punctuation, pronoun case, spelling, and conciseness.

Excellent source from Capital Community College in CT.

Writing and Research:

This site helps the student with the writing process and explains the characteristics of good general academic writing.  It also includes help with research and citation,
Internet literacy, literary analysis and criticism, and creative writing.

This site helps the student to create citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago style.


Students can use this site to help them understand and recognize plagiarism.  One of its links contains a flow chart to help the student decide when a citation is needed in his or her paper.


This site has links to literature of many genres and cultures and includes a Webliography (index of websites pertaining to literature).  It would be helpful to any student doing research on literature and/or authors.