President’s Blog January 18, 2019

President's Blog

President’s Blog January 18, 2019

January 18, 2019

To All in our Coyle and Cassidy Family:

We are now in our third quarter, the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year!  Mrs. St. Laurent has informed me that grades are due by the middle of next week and then 2nd quarter and mid-term exam grades will be released to the portal by Friday, January 25th.  I cannot believe that we are here already.  Thankfully we have been blessed to get this far into the winter before we face the first real winter weather threat of the season.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON WEATHER WHICH MAY IMPACT OUR SCHOOL:  As an administrative team we have discussed our process for determining if we will hold school, cancel, or delay our start.  If we are faced with a fairly clear forecast of significant inclement weather, we all agree it is our primary responsibility to take care of our students, parents, and staff all of whom travel the roads of many cities and towns to get to the school.  Therefore, knowing we have our process of Structured Alternative Learning Days in place, we will do our best to make our no school calls as early as possible so all can prepare for the Structured Alternative Learning Day and so that parents who need to make child care arrangements have the time to do that.  This will most likely mean that we will make a call prior to the City of Taunton.  If a forecast is not clear to support a decision, we will be faced with waiting to see what happens, but will do our best to give as much notice to all as possible.



The Coyle and Cassidy Athletic Association and their support of our students in so many tangible ways is critical to the experience of ALL our students.  All the funds they raise through their fundraisers, of which this is their single most important fundraiser, go directly to impact our students – both student athletes and our students in general.

Proceeds from this event directly impact the student athletes. In the past year they have purchased:

  • Varsity and JV hockey bags
  • Lacrosse Bags
  • Lacrosse Goalie Equipment
  • Practice time at indoor facilities when the weather is bad
  • T-Shirts for the football team


In addition to specific support of our athletic programs, this group all supports ALL our students through:

  • The funding of expensive fan transportation to big games
  • The purchase of brand-new picnic tables for the Senior Outdoor Lunch Area
  • They are supporting all students with a LARGE financial contribution to the NEW wellness center.

Everything that this group does adds to the quality of programs and student life at the school.  Without their financial support these things would not be able to be absorbed in the current school budget.  This group and their support is the main reason our school has never had to consider an athletic fee to participate in sports.  Through their generous support and hard work, we have been able to keep our athletic activities open to ALL students at no direct cost to them.  This is one key area where Coyle remains distinct from other schools in our area.

Many parents and great supporters have already donated time, money, and raffle prizes to this event.  Some of this year’s items include: a week at a Myrtle Beach condo, Bruins tickets, Celtics tickets etc.

This is a casual dress event with a tailgate theme. Wear your favorite sports team attire. Tailgate-themed food, a DJ, cash bar, silent auctions, pick a prize and more!


This event brought it $8500+ last year.  Please help us make this a success! Tickets may be purchased online @ CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE POLAR BEAR TICKETS ONLINE  I know that for some the January 26th date may be in conflict with other plans.  However, if you can still support them, KNOW THAT your support is very needed and appreciated! Thanks so much! ~ Dr. Audette


Congratulations to Louis Bretchter, Emelia Dumas, Karoline Bretchter, Stephanie Slade, and Nathan Orcutt who performed in the Southeastern MA District Honor Chorus under Ms. Mawn’s direction! Louis, Emelia, Steph and Nathan will also be auditioning for the state-wide Honor Chorus! Go Warriors!!!

If you don’t already, please follow our Facebook Page “Coyle and Cassidy High School & Middle School” to keep up on all the great things going on at our school!

Thanks to parents, alumni, and friends who continue to support our Parent Appeal and our Annual Appeal.  My heart is warm from all the generous gifts that have been steadily received at school.  Please know that your donations are essential for the Renaissance of Coyle and Cassidy and that they will help insure that our students receive access to all the programs and tools they should have in order to be well-prepared for their study and work beyond high school.  Throughout all of the Christmas events at school, I was personally blessed to meet many alumni who had so many wonderful things to say about how their Coyle and Cassidy education had shaped their lives.  It is for this exact reason that we ask for your financial support.  All our students deserve an educational experience that is transformative for them personally as well as for their lives going forward.  If you have not already donated, please take the time to do that today and help us make a great impact in the lives of all of our students. As a reminder, you may contribute via our secure website at or by mailing in your donation to the school to Mr. Jack O’Brien, Director of Development, Coyle and Cassidy High School and Middle School, 2 Hamilton Street, Taunton, MA. 02780.  Also, for those wishing to break up their donation into a series of payments, you may set that up on our secure website.  May God bless you for your continued, essential support of Coyle and Cassidy High School and Middle School.


In Christ,

Dr. Bernie Audette


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