A Message from the President

Thank you so much for your interest in Coyle and Cassidy High School and Middle School.  Since arriving at the start of July, I have been busy working with the members of the Coyle and Cassidy family on a number of new initiatives as well as celebrating the many wonderful ways that Coyle and Cassidy students, teachers, and family members are positively impacting the community.

This past year and into the summer, Principal, Kathleen St. Laurent, has been working with a dedicated group of teachers on the Blended Learning Initiative.  According to Mrs. St. Laurent, “We are excited about the Fall implementation of our Blended Learning Initiative. This program will allow teachers to more effectively meet the learning needs of all students in a personalized manner. Blended and personalized learning utilizes the integration of technology to allow students to master concepts before moving on in the curriculum. Through the use of ongoing data, teachers can monitor student performance in meeting curriculum goals. The staff has been preparing for this initiative for the past year working with a well renowned expert in the field of blended learning.”

Mrs. St. Laurent was also pleased to announce the partnership with Morton Hospital and Coastal Career Academy.  “Because of this partnership, this summer Coyle and Cassidy students interested in a health career were given a unique opportunity to receive training as certified nursing assistants that not only involved required long-term care skills, but acute care training through Morton Hospital. This training not only makes students eligible for hiring as CNA’s at Morton but will provide additional skills that will advance them in a health care career.” Just recently, Chloe B., a rising junior at Coyle and Cassidy and program participant said: “We have completed the program and will be taking our state boards next week. Between the classroom hours and clinical hours I have completed, I can truly say that this has been a life changing experience for me. I am truly beyond grateful for this opportunity and hope it will take me far!”

I am also pleased to announce that through the generosity of many donors, and the hard work of my predecessor, long-time Coyle and Cassidy President, Dr. Mary Pat Tranter, the school will be undertaking two facility improvements and renovations.  Dr. Tranter and Athletic Director, Mr. Tom Pileski, have secured the funds and have worked for construction to begin on a wellness center equipped with fitness equipment in addition to newly renovated strength and conditioning room.  Dr. Audette thanks both Dr. Tranter and Mr. Pileski for their work on this wonderful project that will create a wonderful space for students to minister to their own health through exercise and training.

Dr. Tranter also secured funding to renovate the physics lab as part of her multi-year plan of science classroom renovations.  We are now working with an architect to plan for all aspects of this renovation that will provide students with greater opportunities through their use of an additional state-of-the-art science learning space.

Since arriving at Coyle and Cassidy I continue to be impressed with the level of dedication to success and to positively impacting the greater community by living the school motto of: Enter to learn.  Leave to serve.  If you are seeking a truly transformative, Catholic education where all students are seen as individuals and where all in our community will love and support them through their educational journey, then Coyle and Cassidy High School and Middle School is the place for you.  Join us where we change the world one student at a time!

I look forward to getting to know you!

God Bless,

Bernard P. Audette, MBA, Ed.D.