Health Services

Staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit is the key to school readiness and academic achievement

The mission of Coyle and Cassidy’s Health Services Department is to provide a program that is dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of the health and wellness of our school community. We strive to provide a safe, caring and healthy environment for both students and staff in accordance with Department of Public Health regulations.

Our goals are to provide a comprehensive scope of health services, teach disease prevention strategies, and promote healthy lifestyles. The Health Services Nursing staff provides preventive services, early identification of problems, interventions, and referrals, to foster health and educational success. The school nurse also collaborates with health care providers to provide resources to promote health and wellness for students and faculty. Resources include primary care providers, mental / behavioral health services and prevention programs.

The Health Services Department is integral part of the educational team. Health education is ongoing each day and the school nurse acts as a resource for parents, pupils and teachers in providing counseling and materials regarding the individual needs of pupils, as well as faculty.

The Role of the Health Services staff includes:

  • Providing chronic and emergency care for students and staff
  • Assess health care needs and implement appropriate interventions
  • Administering medication and performing assessment
  • Address the mental and physical needs of students and faculty
  • Providing health counseling and education
  • Conducting mandated health screenings
  • Interpreting immunization and health screening data
  • Promoting environmental health and safety
  • Collaborating with Health Care Providers and agencies in the community and accessing resources
  • Advocate for students and families
  • Build student and family abilities for self-management and self advocacy of health issues

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