October 5, 2018 President’s Blog

President's Blog

October 5, 2018 President’s Blog

October 5, 2018

To All in our Coyle and Cassidy Family!

How could it be possible that we are at Columbus Day Weekend!  With so many great things happening during a busy school year, time just flies by!  Thank you to all who attended yesterday’s Parent Conferences.  It was so great to see many of you!

Our Admissions Office continues to make great progress by talking with members of our community and expanding our outreach and network.  Ms. Bigda has been working with our students recruiting ambassadors to help with recruiting visits and with the student body in general to engage their wider group of friends on social media to spread the word of our Open House.  The students, along with Ms. Bigda and Mr. O’Brien, have launched the #OHWarriorChallenge where students will take a selfie with our Open House poster after they have placed it in the community.  We have a series of prizes as incentives for this effort.  We hope this becomes a fun way to spread the word of our Open House!

Mr. O’Brien has been active in making connections in Taunton and our greater area. In fact, one of the meetings Mr. O’Brien had with a pastor of a local church has provided an additional exciting opportunity for our students and perhaps even a greater collaboration with Stonehill College.  More to come on this great opportunity and thanks to Mr. O’Brien for uncovering this great resource.

I have continued to solicit some of our business partners for support of our STREAM Makerspace.  If you know of anyone, or business, personally who might be interested in such a project that will reach students at Coyle and Cassidy, OLOL, and all across Taunton, please let me know so I may contact that person or business.

This year we are mailing a post card to 16,000 homes in our Coyle area that have students from 4th grade up to high school. We cannot remove our current students from that mailing.  When you get your post card, please keep it and use it as a personal invitation to ask a friend to attend our Open House.  We have once again offered our incentive program which has been posted on all of our social media sites.  Please consider helping us in this important effort. The key to increasing our enrollment is that we have very direct and active support of our students and parents.  If you did not pick up any lawn signs to display or posters to put up, you may obtain them at our school office. If you do not see the announcement of our Open House in your parish bulletin, please speak to your priest.  THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT!

I am also thrilled to say that our seniors were finally outside today eating lunch at picnic tables.  We are so thankful that the CCAA purchased tables for our students.  However, we were having trouble getting those shipped and they are due to arrive on October 18th.  In the meantime, the City of Taunton allowed us to move some of their tables to behind the gym so that our seniors could enjoy lunch in the fall weather.  We are all so thankful for all the help we have received to provide this privilege to our senior class.

Finally, Mrs. St. Laurent has finalized the implementation of a great new program for our 6th graders. Our 6th graders will have the opportunity to participate in the Learning in Concert Program in conjunction with the New Bedford Symphony Orchestra. The program has 3 phases. For phase 1, members of the orchestra come to CC for a concert and introduction to the program. This has been scheduled for 11/15 at 10:30. During Phase 2, Terry Wolkowicz, program coordinator conducts two 6 grade science classes integrating music with science. Phase 3 involves our 6th graders going to a full orchestra concert at the Ziterion in New Bedford on March 5th. This program is a wonderful STREAM opportunity as students investigate and learn about scientific concepts through music.

May you all have a wonderful and safe Columbus Day Weekend!

God Bless,

Dr. Bernie Audette


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