President’s Blog May 3, 2019

President’s Blog May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019

To All in our Coyle and Cassidy Family:

We continue to be very busy working on our wonderful events of celebration with the Class of 2019 as they prepare to graduate at the end of this month as well as continue to prepare for the 19-20 school year.  We have purchased more makerspace equipment as well as laboratory equipment for our science labs.  Interest in our school continues to grow as we excitedly accepted ten new students this week!  As a reminder:  we still have the student referral, staff referral, and alumni scholarship programs in place.  Please reach out to Mr. O’Brien or Ms. Bigda in our Admissions Office with any questions.

Congratulations to Domenic Leo who was crowned Mr. Coyle during last Friday Night’s competition.  Thanks so much to Mrs. Angeley who planned, organized, and orchestrated an amazing show that was so much fun and truly epitomized the great spirit in this school.  Thanks to Mr. Domingos who was our fantastic emcee for the evening.  Thanks to our judges, stage managers, sound, slide show and tabulation, and other show volunteers.  Congratulations to all our contestants who were outstanding:  Louis Brechter, Benjamin Tufts, Drew Arpin, Evan Studley, Dylan Barbour, and David Kerrigan.  Thanks also to the C-C Lovelies who graciously participated in the show:  Leila Olegario, Rachael Caflisch, Madison Slattery, Samantha Hourihan, Kaylee Haynes, Stephanie Hardiman, and Vanessa Castro.

Our athletic league, district, and MIAA has given the approval for a football cooperative program between Coyle and Connolly.  Coyle will be the host school as we have the most significant numbers of players.  We are very happy this has been approved as it gives the program more players which will allow us all to compete more safely for all involved.  There are still a number of logistical things being worked out, but we are happy this first critical step is completed.

We continue to work with our STEM partners and have gotten the assistance of WPI to present some hands-on, applied STEM professional development early this summer.  This is exactly the type of professional development activity our teachers need and want.  We could not be more blessed to have WPI’s assistance in this way.

On Wednesday, May 1st, our Superintendent, Mr. Steve Perla, joined us as we held a lunch meeting with a number of STEM focused parents from our school community.  So many great ideas were shared during this meeting and there was palatable excitement in the room for all the great work that has been done and will continue to be done to strengthen opportunities for the students at God’s great school! 

The Catholic Schools Office has been organizing a STEM Partner Night on May 21st at Stonehill College.  The following is the press release sent out to all in our community through our school messenger program, posted on FB, and added as the number one slide on our website.  Please try to join us for this exciting event.

Fall River Diocese to hold “meet the partners” event for its new Academy

The Diocese of Fall River is introducing current and future students and their families to the new Academy’s initial academic and foundation partners. Opening in Fall 2019, the Academy will offer a curriculum that fosters critical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The May 21 evening event at Stonehill College will include the initial partners providing critical support to ensure the success of the Academy: the University of Notre Dame, Boston College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Stonehill College, and Regis College.  In addition, the Academy is partnering with two foundations: The Carney Family Charitable Foundation and The S.E.A.L. Foundation, which provides specialized education for all learners.

The Academy, first announced in February, will initially serve Coyle and Cassidy School in Taunton and Bishop Connolly in Fall River in their home locations, said Superintendent Steve Perla.  The Stonehill College event is aimed at informing parents of the benefits the Academy will provide to students in the two initial affiliate schools -Coyle and Cassidy, middle and high schools, and Bishop Connolly. 

“As the Academy’s success builds, best practices and partnerships will be expanded to benefit the Catholic schools throughout the Diocese of Fall River,” he said.

Partnerships with higher education, foundations, and corporations will help the Academy enrich its offerings in advanced science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) opportunities.  

The innovative and effective instructional practices of the Academy will help prepare students to meet the educational and workforce needs of the 21st Century in an intentionally Christ-centered atmosphere. It will offer support for faculty members to shift their instruction from traditional approaches to ones that emphasize personalized learning and project-based instruction across the curriculum, Perla said.

The roles of the initial academic partners include:

·      The University of Notre Dame’s STEM Center – helping to develop a long-term strategic vision and strategic plan

·       Boston College’s Lynch Leadership Academy – coaching the Academy   principal and other school leaders to help realize the Academy’s instructional goals

·      Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s STEM Education Center — providing hands-on, applied STEM professional development to the affiliate schools’ faculty

·      Stonehill College – offering students STEM-related college level courses that carry college credits

·      Regis College – offering students STEM-related college level courses that will also carry college credits. Depending on a student’s track, they may opt for the College’s 3-year college program utilizing their high school junior and senior years as the first year of college

The foundations will play the following roles:

·      Carney Family Charitable Foundation-funding the development of the Academy’s new instructional practice

·      The S.E.A.L. Foundation-funding a Director of Special Education for the Academy to ensure that students who learn differently receive the appropriate support to succeed

Academy partnership event: 

May 21

6:00 – 9:30 p.m. 

Stonehill College’s McCarthy Auditorium in the May School of Arts & Sciences 

At this time we believe we will have representatives from Boston College, The University of Notre Dame, WPI, Regis College, and Stonehill College presenting on how they will be partnering with Coyle and Connolly as we work to continue to develop our STEM programs.  Please help us spread the great news of this event and most importantly, please plan on attending to hear the directly from these great partners who have joined our efforts!

On April 29th, Mrs. St. Laurent, Mrs. Cherie Gilmore, and I met with one of our advisory board members, Mrs. Elizabeth Ponte.  Mrs. Ponte is a very distinguished career middle school educator and administrator.  The focus of our conversations was on how we can improve our overall middle school experience so that we can become even better at meeting the needs of all of our students.  One great idea that came out of this meeting was that we will hold some MAP Data meetings with parents where we can distribute our students’ MAP Assessment Data and explain why this data is important and how we are using that to drive instruction.  Please be on the lookout for more information once our final MAP data from the tests being given this week are available.

Below is a very important communication from our Bishop about a great event celebrating The Beauty of Every Child! We are so excited to have our entire student body participate in this important event.  We cannot thank Bishop da Cunha and all the organizers for their hard work in putting this event together for our students!

Mr. Jack O’Brien and Ms. Brooke Bigda from our Admissions and Development Office continue to work hard to market our school and recruit new students.  Also, they put together a wonderful piece in support of our Annual Appeal and, with their work on the database of names, we have had a successful mailing to over 2,500 alumni and friends of the school.  Although this only went out a little over a week ago, the support has been great.  We thank all who, like all of us, support Catholic Education in this area and at God’s school: Coyle and Cassidy!

As an update to our 2019-2020 Financial Aid Process:  Financial aid letters have been going out for our HS families who have completed their applications and provided all supporting documents.  FACE has completed its work on the first round of Middle School Awards and we will be able to send out our first round of MS financial aid award letters on Monday, May 6th.

As a reminder, this year, with our collaboration with Bishop Connolly High School, Ms. Shawna Keavy has taken over as business manager for both schools.  This means that Ms. Keavy will be taking over the management of the FACTS system and will be the person to answer any questions or make any needed changes to agreements.  She can be reached by email at: or by phone at Bishop Connolly at 508.676.1071 ext. 310. We can’t thank Ms. Keavy and Mr. Myron enough for making this collaboration possible.  This is one great way that our two schools are able to become more efficient.

Thank you to so many parents who have continued to support our Parent Appeal.  Based on the feedback from parents, we approached that effort very differently this year and did not bombard our parents with fundraising requests.  Also, because we have been spending most of our time since January 2nd working on how our programs will look for next year, we have not had the bandwidth to host what some might consider typical fundraising events. Please know, even though we were able to honor that feedback, and that our work needed to shift to our programs for next year, our efforts in this area in no way diminishes the need for the additional assistance from our parents. We know our students are happy and love their school This was so clearly expressed by them in the focus groups Mrs. St. Laurent and I had with our students over the last month.  Please help Coyle and Cassidy by honoring their love of their school with your additional financial support.  As I have stated numerous times, the amount we assess for tuition covers less than 85% of the cost of educating our students in a manner they need and deserve in order to be prepared for our world today!  Also, as a school, we provide a significant amount of financial assistance to many students. We do that in a school that preserved programs and opportunities for our students because we believe all students deserve a full middle and high school experience.

Research continues to demonstrate the financial value of an investment in Catholic education.  The research seems consistent that graduation rates, college enrollment and completion rates, median earnings, and overall student success prove to be greater at Catholic Schools.  This positive return on investment is in addition to the wonderful grounding in our faith and the exceptional level of college readiness that is demonstrated by graduates of Catholic secondary schools.  Please help us spread this good news as well as provide the essential necessary financial support to give all our students the advantages they deserve.

Please visit to contribute securely by clicking on the DONATE button in the upper right of the website.  Or, if you prefer, you may send your donation via mail to the attention of the Advancement Office.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support of Coyle and Cassidy and for choosing Catholic education for your children.

God Bless you all and may the joy of this Easter season be ever-present in your lives!

In Christ,

Dr. Bernie Audette


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