President’s Weekly Blog – March 29, 2019

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President’s Weekly Blog – March 29, 2019

March 29, 2019

To All in our Coyle and Cassidy Family:

Welcome to Spring!  I am going to go out on limb and say we have finally arrived at Spring and the warmer weather and no SNOW!  This past week it has been great to see all the spring sports teams outside giving us a glimpse of warmer days to come.  I cannot believe that the third quarter ends next Wednesday, April 3rd.  WOW…where has this year gone?  Before we know it, our seniors will be finishing up their year and careers at Coyle and Cassidy!  We know that they are prepared well and that God will launch them to the next part of their journey off to do great things and CHANGE THE WORLD!

Congratulations to the Coyle and Cassidy Science Olympiad Team!  Last Saturday, March 23, our team traveled to Assumption College to participate in the MA State Science Olympiad.   Thirty-one teams from around the state participated.  Our team members were: Thomas Condon, Anthony Emond, Philip Ferrante, Daniel Graham, James Russell, and John Thomas.  Our team is coached by Mrs. Ellen Russell.  Despite having a team that was less than half the size of most teams, we were able to compete in 13 of the 21 individual events held.  We won the following awards:

  • Mystery Architecture – First Place!!
  • Boomilever – 6th place
  • Potions and Poisons – 6th place

Congratulations to our team and so many thanks to Mrs. Russell for all she has done for these kids and our school this year!  We are all so blessed to have her!

This past Tuesday night, Mrs. St. Laurent and I were accompanied by 5th grade teacher Ms. Kelsey Gracia, Assistant Director of Admissions, Ms. Brooke Bigda, two parents and two 5th grade students, when we went to Our Lady of Lourdes School to meet with parents and students to talk about the wonderful things happening at Coyle and Cassidy Middle School.  This was a great night filled with lots of positive energy and we are excited to welcome all of the current Our Lady of Lourdes 4th grade students to Coyle and Cassidy next year. 

On Wednesday, March 27th, several of us traveled out to WPI to attend the STEM Integration Reunion and WPI’s annual AweSTEM event.  This was a great time to network with other educators from around the state to learn about their STEM initiatives and to discuss STEM best practice at the leading STEM institution of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. We all learned so many wonderful things and returned to Coyle and Cassidy with many exciting things we plan to bring here for our students!

The next day, Dr. Mia Dubosarsky, Director of Professional Development at the STEM Education at WPI, traveled to Coyle and Cassidy to meet with me and Mrs. St. Laurent.  This was a great collaborative work session that led to a number of ways WPI is going to be able to partner with us in providing essential STEM professional development to our faculty as we launch our STEM Academy for the fall.  This is very exciting work and truly puts Coyle and Cassidy on the leading edge of STEM education.  We are beyond thrilled to be able to offer this type of exceptional program for our students.

This week Mrs. St. Laurent and I began having some focus group lunches with students from all grades.  As of this blog, we will have met with students in grades 7,8,11, and 12.  We very much enjoy spending time with these great kids and garnering their perspectives on all aspects of student life at Coyle and Cassidy.  We look forward to being able to use their input to make changes and improvements that they would like to see.

One of our great partners, The S.E.A.L. Foundation, who has been essential in helping us build a program that allows us to serve all God’s children, is running some fundraisers this summer that will help them continue their great work.  Here is some information about their activities.  Please consider helping them out.  “If you know of any runners that would be interested in running the Falmouth Road Race August 18th as part of the S.E.A.L Team could you please ask them to contact me.  We ask each runner to raise $1,200 to be a part of our team.  We have kept our fundraising goal low compared to all the other foundations.  It’s such a great race and a wonderful way to raise money and help those who learn differently.  We are also looking for any golfers that would like to join us for golf June 14th at Lebaron Hills Country Club. We are hosting our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament.

As a reminder to all seeking financial aid for the 2019-2020 school year, in order to be considered for our school-based financial aid, each student must have their registration form returned to the school with a deposit check of $100.  Our next and final deadline is April 1st.  If you need financial aid it is important that if you meet the April 1st deadline. It is important to note that after we review the applications submitted by our two deadlines, March 15th and April 1st, all funds for next year may well all be awarded at that time.  For our middle school families, please remember that the Foundation to Advance Catholic Education does the first awards of financial aid for students in grades 5-8.  They have also begun to review applications. If you are a middle school parent or guardian who has not completed the financial aid application, please be sure to do so as soon as possible. At Coyle and Cassidy we do not look at middle school financial applications until after FACE has made their awards.  I will advise in this blog when FACE is complete and when we will begin our process. As always, thank you so much for choosing Coyle and Cassidy for your children and for making the sacrifice for the important advantages of a Catholic education.  The first round of financial aid awards will be going out via letters to all students who have applied by the middle of the first week of April.  Please know that as a Diocese financial aid is being reviewed very carefully given our cost to educate our students versus the actual tuition we charge.  The actual FACTS calculated need will be used for the basis of our awards as well as clearly awarding multi-student discounts applied uniformly for all students and families.

As we continue to invest in our programs for our students, it remains important that we receive financial support from so many.  As I have stated numerous times, the amount we assess for tuition covers less than 85% of the cost of educating our students in a manner they need and deserve in order to be prepared for our world today!  Also, as a school, we provide a significant amount of financial assistance to many students. We do that in a school that preserved programs and opportunities for our students because we believe all students deserve a full middle and high school experience.

Research continues to demonstrate the financial value of an investment in Catholic education.  The research seems consistent that graduation rates, college enrollment and completion rates, median earnings, and overall student success prove to be greater at Catholic Schools.  This positive return on investment is in addition to the wonderful grounding in our faith and the exceptional level of college readiness that is demonstrated by graduates of Catholic secondary schools.  Please help us spread this good news as well as provide the essential necessary financial support to give all our students the advantages they deserve.

Please visit to contribute securely by clicking on the DONATE button in the upper right of the website.  Or, if you prefer, you may send your donation via mail to the attention of the Advancement Office.  We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support of Coyle and Cassidy and for choosing Catholic education for your children.

God Bless and may you all have a wonderful weekend!

In Christ,

Dr. Bernie Audette


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