September 28, 2018 – President’s Weekly Blog

President's Blog

September 28, 2018 – President’s Weekly Blog

September 28, 2018

Greetings to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

I cannot believe we are already ending the last week of September!  This year has so many wonderful things going on and the school is so busy that time is just flying!  We also had our back to school liturgy this week.  All at Coyle and Cassidy were so excited that Bishop da Cunha was able to celebrate this special Mass for us at St. Anthony’s Church.  Thanks so much to Bishop da Cunha for spending this wonderful time with us.  Also, Samantha Hourihan (’19), a captain of our 2018 State Championship Girls’ Basketball team, presented the Bishop with a State Championship t-shirt.  This was such a proud moment for everyone in attendance!

Thanks to all who have reached out to support our Warriors to Defeat ALS campaign.  We sincerely appreciate your support and we are confident our work as a school will help the researchers in their quest for a cure of this terrible disease.  Our student council has decided to continue this campaign throughout the year to increase the impact our school can make.  We are so proud of their efforts in this area and ask your continued support and spreading the news of this effort to support ALS One.

The drive to serve others continues to be very apparent in our school.  The Toiletry Drive to Help Victims in Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley has been launched.  Many families and individuals were displaced due to the tragic gas explosions in Lawrence and the Merrimack Valley. Coyle and Cassidy wants to help! We are collecting toiletry items for displaced victims and donating those items to Catie’s Closet, In particular we are collecting soap, deodorant (for male and female) and female body wash. A collection bin will be in the high school foyer from Sept. 25th until Oct. 5th. Campus Ministry thanks you for your support! Special thanks to Camryn Maderios ‘21 for coordinating this effort for us! Also, Emily Farrell, grade 5, has organized a Halloween costume drive to help local children in need.  The costumes collected will be made available for the Food Pantry on 10/27 for any child that may need a Halloween costume. The costumes we are looking for are gently used costumes that children may have grown out of.  A box has been placed in the Middle School entrance for costume donations.  If you are able, we would appreciate your support of these two wonderful programs.  Two more examples of Coyle and Cassidy students changing the world!

We had our inaugural meeting of the Middle School Parents’ Association this past week.  We were so enthused by the turnout and the engagement of all of the parents who took time to attend this meeting.  One thing that I have heard from parents, alumni, and other friends and supporters of the school, is that they would like to see a greater presence from Coyle and Cassidy in the broader community.  Many often can list a series of community events where personally they feel that it would be great to see representation from Coyle and Cassidy.  While we all agree with this ideal, the reality is that we do not have enough personnel to cover these events.  However, we know that the key to spreading the great news of Coyle and Cassidy is most effectively done by our students, parents, friends, and supporters.  If at any time you would like to help us by representing Coyle and Cassidy at a community event, please feel free to contact any one of the administrators and we will do whatever we can to help support your effort.  Individually we are limited in the reach and presence we can put forth.  However, as part of our school community and the Body of Christ, together our reach is great and powerful.

We have started to advertise our Open House through our social medial channels. Please help us by always sharing our posts as the more people who hear about the great things being done by your children at Coyle, the more interest we will generate in God’s great school! During the Parent Conferences on October 4th we will have posters and lawn signs available for you to take and help us spread the word through Coyle and Cassidy Territory!  If you can think of a great place to get our school’s name and Open House Information, October 28th from 12 noon until 2:30 pm, out in the community, we would sincerely appreciate your help. Also, this year we are sending out postcards to all homes in Coyle Territory with a student from 4th grade to High School.  We are excited by this additional, very targeted outreach.

As a reminder, our Guidance Department sent out an email to all Seniors and Senior Parents with important information about the college application process.  Please be sure to review this so that all important dates are met by your student.

May you all have a most blessed weekend!

God Bless,

Dr. Audette


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